water soluble laundry bag

Why do water-soluble laundry bags play a key role in bedbug prevention and control?

What should you do when your clothes are at the risk of being infected by bedbugs? In fact, we can take simple steps to ensure that bedbugs have been contained and eliminated. After reading this article, you will know why do water-soluble laundry bags play a key role in bedbug prevention and control.

Bedbugs are highly drought resistant. They still survive, even if in an environment with temp 30-40°C and low humidity, which cause they lose 1/3 of their body weight.

So it is recommended that the temperature is above 50 degrees Celsius and heat for at least 30 minutes to completely kill bedbugs.

There are five main steps in the traditional way of dealing with bedbug-infected clothing. These steps include: sorting clothes; transport; deal with the plastic bags; washing and drying; and storing clean clothes.

1.Sorting clothes:

In the infested room, classify your clothes as you normally wash clothes and place each sorted pile into its own plastic bag. Seal the bags, this makes sure you don’t risk spreading any bedbugs.


Transport to the laundry or laundromat. Ensure that the bags are always sealed during transportation.

3.Deal with the plastic bags:

Take out the plastic bags, seal them well, and throw them away.

4.Washing and drying:

Clean or dry the garments at the highest temperature the fabric can safely withstand with more than 30 mins. But ensure the temp is over 50 degrees Celsius.

5.Storing clean clothes:

Storing clean clothes as soon as they are removed from the dryer.

It is meaningless if when we dealing with plastic bags in an inappropriate way.

Because bedbugs are agile and alert when anomalies are found, bedbugs quickly hide and crawl away at a speed of 1-1.25m per minute.

Therefore bedbugs may crawl away in the process of taking out the plastic bag, or run away through the hole in the washing machine before the washing machine is started.

Although plastic bags are cheap, it is well known that the harm caused by plastic bags to the environment is irreversible. At present, a number of countries have issued bans on plastic.

So do we have a better alternative to plastic bags? The answer is yes, water-soluble laundry bags are harmless to the environment, and do not need to take out of the bag before washing, it is stopped the risk of secondary infection.

water soluble laundry bag

Water Soluble Laundry Bags

A water-soluble laundry bag is specially designed for infection prevention purposes while handling or washing contaminated clothes.

We may have the following questions:

1.Why are water-soluble laundry bags harmless to the environment?

The water-soluble laundry bag is made of environment-friendly materials, mainly made of polyvinyl alcohol and degradable additives. Non-toxic and biodegradable, the following are the relevant certificates obtained by Polyemat:

2.Why don't you need to take out the bag before you do the laundry?

Polyvinyl alcohol is soluble in water, so the water-soluble laundry bag can be completely dissolved in water. According to different temperatures, Polyemat has hot water soluble laundry bag and cold water dissolving washing bag. According to the capacity of the clothes, we have three standard sizes, and can also customize the size according to the needs of customers.

If you are a professional company that specializes in providing bedbug infection solutions for end consumers,I think it would be a wise decision to add water-soluble laundry bags to your company’s product category. Polyemat is a manufacturer specializing in the production of water-soluble laundry bags. Don’t miss to make profits. Contact us to get the quotation now!

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