water soluble dog poop bags

What is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of dog poop?

After reading this article, you will know why water-soluble pet poop bags are the most convenient bags to dispose of pet poop.

Studies have shown that almost 4% of landfills are dog waste, with nearly 10.585 million tons of dog feces each year. If you need to use three plastic bags a day to pack dog poop, then you need 1095 plastic bags a year.

We all know the harm of plastic bags to humans. If every owner of a dog pet uses plastic bags to dispose of dog poop, it is no exaggeration to say that our earth will be filled with dog poop one day.

Because we know that a plastic bag may take thousands of years to decompose, it means that the dog feces in the plastic bag cannot decompose quickly because there is not enough oxygen.

There are many decomposable pet poop bags on the market, but the Federal Trade Commission recently issued a press release stating that at least 20 dog poop bag manufacturers deceptively label their products as “Biodegradable” and “degradable”.

These labels tell consumers that the item usually decomposes into natural ingredients within one year after processing. The problem we ignore is that these bags require industrial compost to be decomposed into natural ingredients within one year.

Some researchers have done experiments to prove that if these bags are placed in a landfill instead of industrial composting, it may take 10 to 1,000 years to completely decompose.

And we all know that animal waste may contain pathogens that are almost impossible to kill, which means that we cannot put pet waste in the vegetable garden.

Adding pet waste to other composts will cause pollution. Therefore, it is not recommended to compost dog poop or compost away from the environment where we live.

So using compostable pet poop bags is not the most environmentally friendly solution.

What can we do to dispose dog poop more environmentally?

The most environmentally friendly method is flushing.

Polyemat is a manufacturer specializing in the production of water-soluble pet poop bags. Water-soluble pet waste bags are mainly made of polyvinyl alcohol, which is soluble in water and harmless to organisms.

water soluble dog poop bags

water soluble dog poop bag

Water soluble dog poop bags are made of polyvinyl alcohol, you can flush the dog waste bag down the toilet.

How to use a water-soluble pet poop bag correctly?

1. You need a dog that poops
2. Pick up the dog poop with a water-soluble pet poop bag
3. Tie a knot and throw it to the toilet
4. Flush it down to the toilet

Maybe pet owners have a concern, will they block the sewer?

It is normal to have this doubt, but don’t worry about clogging the sewer. If you really have such a concern, we recommend flushing directly with warm water. Or use a shower nozzle to spray hot water before rinsing, spray it with hot water to break the solubag first, and then rinse it.

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