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water soluble bag

Parameters of water soluble bag

We offer 2 kinds of water-soluble bags. Hot water-soluble bags and cold water-soluble bags. Hot water-soluble bags can be dissolved at 55/65 ℃, cold water-soluble bags can be dissolved at 25 ℃.

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Details about water soluble bag

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • What are solubags made of?

These bags are made of polyvinyl alcohol(PVA) films. The PVA is environment friendly, unharmful, and dissolves in water.

  • Where can use soluble bags?

Can be used in supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, department stores, restaurants, and those who wish to contribute to a better environment.

  • Can these water-soluble T-shirt bags dissolve in water?

Yes, they can fully dissolve in water. We produce cold water-soluble bags and hot water-soluble bags. Cold biodegradable bags can dissolve at 25 degrees Celsius water. Hot biodegradable bags can dissolve at 65 degrees Celsius water.

  • Is it harmful to marine life, human beings, and the environment?

Polyvinyl alcohol is non-toxic. Ultimately can be broken down into carbon dioxide and water into the natural cycle.

  • What differences between water-soluble bags and compostable bags?

Water-soluble bags can dissolve in water, and decompose to water and carbon dioxide in natural conditions. But compostable bags need a compostability system for disposal.

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