Water Soluble Bag

Parameters of Water Soluble Bag

We offer 2 kinds of water-soluble plastic bags. Hot water-soluble bags and cold water-soluble bags. Hot water-soluble bags can be dissolved at 55/65 ℃, cold water-soluble bags can be dissolved at 25 ℃.

Logo printed and customized are available.

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Height: 38cm, Width: 20cm + Gusset 6cm*2sides


Height: 46cm, Width: 30cm + Gusset 7.5cm*2sides


Height: 50cm, Width: 34cm + Gusset 8cm*2sides


Or can be customized

Regular thickness

20, 25μm, or can be customized


Natural, White, Red, or can be customized

Logo printed



200 pcs/pack, 5 packs/carton


Eco Friendly


Moderate Price

Details about Water Soluble Bag

Short description of  water-soluble bags:

Why water-soluble bags are a new type of plastic bags alternative? Because they can be fully soluble in cold water(15degrees Celsius), room temperature(25degrees Celsius), and hot water(65degrees Celsius).
Since the water-soluble bag has good tensile strength, it can be directly dissolved in water after use, and is harmless to marine life and the environment, so it can be used in supermarket shopping bags, medical laundry bags, cement packaging bags, dog poop bags, and other applications.
Microorganisms can finally decompose the PVA solution into carbon dioxide and water.
Polyemat has obtained a degradation test report that the water-soluble bag is harmless to animals, and the degradation rate of the PVA solution reaches 73% in 180 days. So obtain the relevant certificate, please contact us: info@polyemat.com

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • What are water-soluble plastic bags materials?

They are polyvinyl alcohol(PVA). The PVA is environment friendly, unharmful, and dissolves in water.

  • Where can use water-soluble plastic bags?

Supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, department stores, restaurants, and those who wish to contribute to a better environment.

  • Can these water-soluble T-shirt bags dissolve in water?

Yes, they can fully dissolve in water. So they are marine safety products.

  • Is it harmful to marine life, human beings, and the environment?

Polyvinyl alcohol is non-toxic. Because microorganisms can finally decompose the PVA solution into carbon dioxide and water into the natural cycle.

  • What differences between water-soluble bags and compostable bags?

Water-soluble bags can dissolve in water, and decompose to water and carbon dioxide in natural conditions. But compostable bags need a compostability system for disposal.

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