water soluble laundry bag

Parameters of water soluble laundry bag

What is a water-soluble laundry bag?
A water-soluble laundry bag is specially designed for infection prevention purposes while handling or washing contaminated clothes. It is 100% biodegradable that does not clog the pipes while you are washing the clothes. Hospitals and other care institutions are actively incorporating water-soluble laundry bags as they are a valuable means of preventing cross-contamination. Once filled with contaminated clothes, you put water-soluble bags in the washing machine directly. The bags are made up of polyvinyl alcohol films that completely dissolve in the water while the clothes are washing. It is the most cost-effective and hygienic way of saving yourself and your environment from getting any infectious disease.

Additional information

Regular size S


Regular size M


Regular size L



Natural bag with red tie, Red bag with natural tie, Or can be customized


20um, 25um, Or can be customized


Rolling: 25 pcs/roll, 8 rolls/carton

Dissolving Temp

25℃, 55℃, 65℃


Eco Friendly


Moderate Price

Details about water soluble laundry bag

How long do water-soluble laundry bags fully dissolve?

Advantages of water-soluble laundry bag for infection control :

  1. There is no need for the staff to dispose of the infected contents in the laundry bag until the washing and drying cycle is completed.
  2. The water-soluble laundry bag will be completely dissolved in water during the washing process. They will not leave any waste that may be infected, and will not pollute the water.
  3. Soluble laundry bags ensure that hospital staff transport contaminated materials or equipment safely. Once linen and equipment are sealed in bags, the risk of contamination and infection is minimized.
  4. The water-soluble bag has the characteristics of antistatic, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Tests have shown that bags cannot penetrate bacteria and viruses.
  5. The water-soluble laundry bag has excellent air resistance.
Commercial laundry services, medical facilities, home, hotel services, prison laundry, bedbug control


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