Flushable Dog Poop Bag

Parameters of Flushable Dog Poop Bag

Water soluble dog poop bags are made of polyvinyl alcohol, you can flush the dog waste bag down to the toilet. These bags can be ultimately broken down into carbon dioxide and water.

Additional information


White, or can be customized


200*260mm*30μm, or can be customized


10 bags per roll, 4/8 rolls per pack


Eco Friendly


Moderate Price

Details about Flushable Dog Poop Bag

How to use a water-soluble pet poop bag correctly?

  1. You need a dog that poops
  2. Pick up the dog poop with a water-soluble pet poop bag
  3. Squeeze the air out of the bag
  4. Tie a knot and throw it to the toilet
  5. Flush it down to the toilet


Will water-soluble pet poop bags block the sewer?

It is normal to have this doubt, but don’t worry about clogging the sewer. If you really have such a concern, we recommend flushing directly with warm water. Or use a shower nozzle to spray hot water before rinsing, spray it with hot water to break the solubag first, and then rinse it.

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