PLA Resin For Hot Drink Straws

Parameters of PLA Resin For Hot Drink Straws

This material can process in a traditional straw machine. For straight hot drinking straws. The straw can withstand the temperature of 75 ℃ (175°F) and is non-toxic and harmless. Our materials are certified by Din Certco and FDA.

Additional information




About 1.48 g/cm3

Melt index(190℃/2.16kg)

6 g/10min

Heat resistant


For Type of Straw

Hot Straight Straws


Eco Friendly


Moderate Price

Details about PLA Resin For Hot Drink Straws

PLA hot straw material is a new type of fully degradable composite material made from polylactic acid (PLA) and polybutylene succinate (PBS) through a special process. It has excellent environmental performance, thermal stability, and biodegradability.

Product Features:

1. Environmental friendly: PLA Resin For Hot Drink Straws is derived from renewable resources. Such as corn starch, with no pollution emissions during the production process, and can naturally degrade after use without causing long-term harm to the environment.

2. Safe: PLA Hot Drink Straw Material does not contain harmful substances. Such as bisphenol A and phthalates, complies with relevant national food safety standards, and can be safely used for food contact products.

3. Durable: PLA Hot Drink Straw Material has good impact resistance, and cold resistance, and can be used normally within the temperature range of -10°C to 75°C without deformation or rupture.

Application Fields:

PLA Hot Drink Straw Material is widely used in beverage shops, fast food restaurants, ice cream shops, and other places. Suitable for making straws for various hot and cold drinks, ice cream, and other food products. In addition, it can also be used for the production of packaging containers in medical, cosmetic, and other fields.

Comparison between PLA Straws and PP Straws:

Advantages of PLA Straws

Environmental Friendliness: PLA straws have good biodegradability. Breaking down into CO2 and H2O after degradation, causing no pollution to the environment.
Substitutability: PLA straws exhibit good thermal stability after high-temperature extrusion, excellent solvent resistance, and their product luster, and tactile properties can replace petroleum-based products.
Thermal Stability: PLA cold straws are not heat-resistant. But they meet the needs of most cold drinks under normal conditions (-10°C to 75°C).
Disadvantages: Not heat-resistant, they will decompose automatically at temperatures above 45°C or under the action of oxygen-rich and microorganisms.

In summary, PLA Hot Drink Straw Material is an environmentally friendly, safe, and durable biodegradable plastic material that not only brings convenience to your life but also contributes to the protection of the Earth’s environment.

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