PLA Resin for Bendy Straws

Parameters of PLA Resin for Bendy Straws

Additional information


1.35 g/cm3


3.6 g/10min

Tensile strength

33 MPa

Break Extend Rate


Bending strength

46 MPa

Bending modulus

1991 MPa

Izod notch impact strength

16 kJ/m2


Eco Friendly


Moderate Price

Details about PLA Resin for Bendy Straws

PLA Resin for Bendy Straws

Our PLA straw resin are modified with PLA, which is fully compostable and biodegradable. These materials can be made of PLA bendy straws in traditional machine, no need to increase your cost if you want to add PLA bendy straw item. Contact us to get more information of these materials. We have got EN13432 and FDA.

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