PBAT-Based CaCO3 Modified Resin

Parameters of PBAT-Based CaCO3 Modified Resin

DEG-100C is a kind of PBAT modified blown film grade plastic with high filling and industrial composting degradation, which has no non-degradable organic components. It can be processed on various types of film blowing machines, printing machines, bag-making machines, and sealing machines.

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Melt index(190℃/2.16kg)


Tensile strength


Elongation at break


Maximum load bearing capacity of bag



Eco Friendly


Moderate Price

Details about PBAT-Based CaCO3 Modified Resin

PBAT calcium carbonate modified material is a product that has been modified by adding calcium carbonate (CaCO3) to Poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) (PBAT). This modified material combines the excellent properties of PBAT with the low-cost characteristics of calcium carbonate, aiming to improve the mechanical properties of PBAT, reduce costs, and broaden its application range. The following is an introduction to PBAT calcium carbonate modified material:

Features of PBAT Calcium Carbonate Modified Material

High dispersibility: The modified calcium carbonate is well dispersed in PBAT, improving the mechanical properties of the product.
Biodegradability: The modified material can be rapidly and completely biodegraded, meeting environmental protection requirements.
Cost-effectiveness: The addition of calcium carbonate effectively reduces the cost of using PBAT while maintaining good mechanical properties.

Application Fields of PBAT Calcium Carbonate Modified Material

Packaging Materials: Suitable for anti-static film products for electronics, automotive interiors, household appliances, etc.
Daily Necessities: Plastic products such as shopping bags, vest bags, garbage bags, etc.
Medical Supplies: Medical hygiene films, etc.
Agricultural Supplies: Agricultural mulching films, etc.

Production Process of PBAT Calcium Carbonate Modified Material

The production process of PBAT calcium carbonate modified material includes mixing modified calcium carbonate with PBAT, lubricants, anti-blocking agents, antioxidants, plasticizers, crosslinking agents, and zinc oxide, and preparing the composite material with excellent properties under specific processing conditions.

PBAT calcium carbonate modified material not only improves the performance of PBAT but also reduces costs, making it widely applicable in various fields.

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