Cold water soluble material (Injection molding grade)

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Cold water soluble material (Injection molding grade) 2018-05-22T03:30:35+00:00

Project Description

Water (ambient temperature) Dissolved
Vegetable oil No visual change
10% HCl solution Dissolved
20% NaOH solution Weakened
Mineral oil No visual change
Alcohols No visual change
Aromatic solvents No visual change
Hydrocarbon solvents No visual change

This product is a kind of eco-friendly materials with biodegradable properties and water solubility, it can be completely dissolved in water. In the natural environment, microbes ultimately break the product into carbon dioxide and water. After returning to the natural environment, it has the effect of soil improvement.

Water soluble temperature and speed of the materials can be customized to meet customer requirements, here 3101C can be dissolved in cold water (about 25℃)