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What are water-soluble bags made of?

These bags are made of polyvinyl alcohol(PVA) films. The PVA is environment friendly, unharmful, and dissolves in water.

Are water-soluble bags safe for the environment?

Polyvinyl alcohol is non-toxic. Ultimately can be broken down into carbon dioxide and water into the natural cycle.

How do you dissolve water-soluble bags?

We produce two types of these bags: cold water-soluble bags and hot water-soluble bags. A cold water-soluble bag will dissolve at 25 degrees Celsius. A hot water-soluble bag will dissolve at 65 degrees Celsius.

Why is PVA dissolvable bag used in hospital laundry?

The dissolvable laundry bag ensures the safe transport of contaminated linens or instruments for staff in hospitals. Once the clothes and instruments are sealed in the bags, the risk of cross-contamination and infection is minimized.

What are water-soluble films used for?

Water-soluble films can be used in water-soluble shopping bags, water-soluble garbage bags, water-soluble pads, water-soluble laundry bags, and so on. At present, water-soluble laundry bags have been widely used in hospitals and other care institutions.

What is water-soluble laundry bag?

A water-soluble laundry bag is specially designed for infection prevention purposes while handling or washing contaminated clothes. It is 100% biodegradable that does not clog the pipes while you are washing the clothes. Hospitals and other care institutions are actively incorporating water-soluble laundry bags as they are a valuable means of preventing cross-contamination. Once filled with contaminated clothes, you put water-soluble bags in the washing machine directly. The bags are made up of polyvinyl alcohol films that completely dissolve in the water while the clothes are washing. It is the most cost-effective and hygienic way of saving yourself and your environment from getting any infectious disease.