Application of the combination of water-soluble bags and self-service bag vending machine.

After reading this article, you will know more about the application of water-soluble bags.

Today, when unmanned vending machines are all over shopping malls, train stations, airports, and even buses, people have become accustomed to using such unmanned vending machines that can pay by themselves and buy quickly.

At present, many Chinese enterprises have achieved good results in putting self-service bag vending machines in hospitals. The bags of self-service bag vending machines are mainly environment-friendly shopping bags, water-soluble bags, biodegradable bags, etc.

Through the effective use of the new business model of industrial upgrading, these enterprises not only provide convenience for patients, but also set an example for the reduction and innocuity of garbage classification.

Polyemat is a company specializing in R & D, production and sales of water-soluble particles, water-soluble membranes, and bags manufacturers. Our business philosophy: From nature, return to nature.

I was honored to have the opportunity to participate in the promotion conference of a domestic enterprise promoting the combination of water-soluble bags and self-service bag vending machines on Nov. 30th, 2020.

At the meeting, it was learned that it costs only a few thousand RMB to put in a self-service bag vending machine, and customers can easily buy a water-soluble shopping bag without any salespeople and just scanning payments.

At present, the enterprise has launched water-soluble self-service bag vending machines in more than 200 hospitals, with monthly sales of more than 1 million bags. The company plans to increase the number of hospitals to 600 in the next six months.

Why does the company put in water-soluble bags instead of composting bags?

Reason 1: At present, China has not fully installed industrial composting equipment, and compostable degradable bags need to be recycled for industrial composting to achieve effective degradation. If recycling and industrial composting are not carried out, there is no difference between using compost bags and using disposable plastic bags. There are related reports that after scientists buried the compost bags in the garbage dump for three years, the bags they took out were still intact.

Reason 2: The use of water-soluble bags does not require garbage classification, even if they are discarded in nature, they will be hydrolyzed by rain or morning dew

It can be seen that the sales plan combining water-soluble shopping bags and self-service bag vending machines is a very successful case.

Polyemat attaches great importance to this project. In order to solve customers’ questions about the machine and water-soluble bags, we especially visited a number of manufacturers selling self-service bag vending machines and reached a cooperative relationship with one of them. To provide one-stop service to interested customers.

The following are the problems you may ask and related professional responses.

1.What payment method does the self-service bag vending machine support?

Three payment methods are provided: online third-party payment, credit card payment, and cash payment. One payment method alone or a combination of multiple payment methods can be used. It can be customized according to demand.

2. How many bags can the self-service bag vending machine hold?

Generally, it is 500 pieces per roll, but it can also be customized according to customer needs.

3. How much electricity does the self-service bag vending machine cost a month?

The equipment power is 0.05KW, and the 24-hour power consumption is about 0.05*24=1.2 KWH

4.Will the self-service bag vending machine prompt after the bag is sold out?

There will be a reminder that you can track real-time sales through the APP. What is exciting is that even in markets that have not been launched, the communication technology can be successfully developed in just one month.

5.What material is the water-soluble bag made of? Is it harmful to the environment?

The water-soluble bag is made of polyvinyl alcohol and other water-soluble additives, soluble in normal temperature water and hot water. At present, Polyemat provides 25℃ water-soluble bags, 55℃ water-soluble bags and 65℃ water-soluble bags. Eventually the carbon dioxide and water are decomposed by bacteria, which is harmless to the environment. The following are the relevant certifications we have obtained.

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